What is the Procedure to invest in Mutual fund?

Mutual Fund

Mutual fund investment process

There are some questions that come to the mind of the common man and a new investor related to the mutual fund investment process, which we must know as an investor, let us try to understand the answers to some such questions.

What documents are required to invest in mutual funds?

Documents required for investment in Mutual Funds.


  1. Pan card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Email, Mobile Number


  • Bank Account (Check Book, Internet Banking)

Asked to invest in Mutual Fund and how to do it? Online and offline?

Mutual funds can be invested in two ways-


OFFLINE INVESTMENT - By going to the office of a mutual fund company, you can invest by filling the form of a mutual fund scheme and depositing the necessary documents and money.

ONLINE INVESTMENT - For online investment in Mutual Fund, you can go to the website of Mutual Fund and choose to invest in your desired scheme, for the online investment you must have internet banking.

When and how to add a nominee to a mutual fund investment?

You can fill the name of NOMINEE for your fund while filling the Mutual Fund Form, and if you do not give the name of the nominee at the time of starting the investment, then later on with the help of the office or customer care of the Mutual Fund Company, the nominee Can give a name.

What are the rights of a mutual fund unit holder?

Some of the major rights of Mutual Fund Unit Holder are as follows -

  1. The unit holder has the right to receive the dividend given in the mutual fund scheme in proportion to his unit.
  2. The assets of the unitholder mutual fund scheme also have rights in proportion to their unit.
  3. Completion of a scheme requires approval of 75% unit holder and approval of SEBI.
  4. The mutual fund redemption unitholder should be given a check within 10 days from the date of redemption.
  5. Within 42 days, a unitholder gets a dividend warrant when a dividend declaration is made.

How to invest in mutual funds in the name of children?

If the child's parents can invest in the name of their children, but for a child, only his parents can invest.

What is SIP and how does it work?

SIP is a method of investing in mutual funds, which is like an RD account deposited in a bank every month, you can deposit a certain amount every month in a mutual fund at your convenience.

What are the benefits of SIP?

There are many benefits of investing in SIP, some of the major advantages are as follows-

  1. We can also invest very small AMOUNT
  2. Both savings and investment go together
  3. We get the benefit of the SHORT TERM slowdown in the stock market
  5. We are able to make regular and very systematic investments.
Hey friend, if you have any question related to the mutual fund investment process, then you must write your question below in your comment, I will try to answer you as soon as possible,

Thanks for reading.

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