What is a hammer candlestick pattern

What is a Hammer Candlestick Pattern ?

friends Hammer Candle is a part of single candlestick pattern, We called  hammer is provided because it looks like a hammer. The bullshit shows in the hammer market, since then it has been found only in the bottom of the market chart. The hammering occurs when the last candle market open price or pass size stops after a long recession. That means that the time of recession in the market is over and now the market is not coming to the boom.

When the hammer candle is created, the shadow of the hammer candle is 2X time from its real body, or even higher than that. Color does not matter in this candle, but if the green hammer candle becomes better in the market.There are 4 types of hammer candles that are shown in the photo below.

Hammer Candlestick Pattern

It is not possible to say how much market picking up a hammer candle will give, but it gives more positive results. Confirmation in the hammer candle should be taken as soon as the trade is taken so that you do not have to book the loss in advance. Whenever you want to trade from a hammer candle, you should buy the front of the hammer candle on the front of the hood and stoploss on the lower of the hammer candle.Unless the market gives a signal of boom, the profit should not be booked, unless the profit booking signal is found in the next chart. The hammer candle is found in the intraday chart, the daily chart and the weekly chart, and the hammer candle is very important in all three charts.The only thing to keep in mind is to buy a hammer candle on the high and see the stoploss set on the side of the hammer candle low.

frinds i am explain with bullish hammer candlestick pattern example so we easy to understand. i am giving you hammer example below:

Hammer Candlestick Pattern Example

above example in hammer candle high near 55 and low is a 50 , so friends if we take trade on this time the see how much we book profit. if we take trade then our Buy price is near 56 or 57 and stoploss is a 49 or 48.

So friends get information about hammer candlestick pattern today, if you have any questions, please comment in the comment box and tell me.
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