How to Reset Windows 7 to Factory Settings without Install Disc OR Bootable USB

Today i will show you how to Factory Rest Window 7 without Bootable USB or cd

so many pepole want to know about these but mostly pepople not familar with these topic

Follow the below Step easliy with yor computer or laptop you can Easliy FCTORY reset done

1. first of all you need to click on Control panel of your Computer on Left Side on Window panel       

  symbol option 

2. you can see there many option after click on Window panel Symbol in right Side so many option 

 Choose Control panel ther and click on it  After that you can see one Window popup with Adjust   

 your computer's  Setting  There is option name System And Security click on that option

3. after click on System and Security you will see dispaly with lots of option in right panel

    Select Back up and Restor option click on That 

4. you can see  Backup or Restor file there is one option with name Recover System Setting or your  


5. New panel open there you can See the option Advance  Recovery method select that option 

6  after click on that you you can see there 2 option 

  a) Restore file from a system image backup 
  b) Return your computer To Factory Condition 

  you have to select option b) Return your computer To factory Condition click on these otpion 

 7 after click on that option one screen pop up with 2 option 

   a) Create a backup now 
   b) Skip it and Continue  the fatory reset without backing up any of your cureent files 
  if you don't want any backup skip that  and select file accordinly 

8 click on Restart Button and Reboot your computer Start the Factory Reset process

  after start these process your window system shut donw after few minutes and it will start again in   automaticaly  after that new notification will appear on your screen (System Recovery option )
  then system asking you to Select keybord input method click on it

9  new screen appear with 3 diffrent option (Select Restor Type)

 a) Restor operation System to Factory Deafult 
 b) Restore operation System and  Retain User data (you still have the option to restore your data )
 c)  Exit

Select first option (Restore operation System to Factory Default )  and then click on Next
again one popup open with next click on it and then last ok 

you all done and your Factoy Reset of widnow 7 will done



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